Fuel System Construction

Jones Covey Group offers professional design and installation for all fuelling system applications. From ground up new station installation using the latest in POS, fuel delivery, and monitoring equipment, to existing facility upgrades and modifications, and including next generation alternative fuel system design build projects.

We are committed to serving the petroleum and alternative fuels industries. Our experience spans from ground up service station construction, station upgrades and modifications, to installation of alternate fuel facilities. Our vast history of construction projects gives us expert capabilities that our customers have come to expect. Additionally, Jones Covey’s safety program will meet or exceed our customer’s expectations for job site safety.

We have the ability to quickly grasp the challenges unique to your project. Through feasibility assistance, estimating, value engineering & constructability, scheduling, and planning, we develop a cost-effective plan of action for any project. Our Project Managers, Superintendents, and skilled Technicians, work as a tightly integrated team using communication, cooperation, and planning to perform at the highest level. Jones Covey’s highly trained ICC certified Technicians are experts at installing, maintaining, troubleshooting, and repairing all of your service station systems.

Jones Covey’s system works. By controlling cost, maximizing resources, and using the most up to date project tracking and communications systems, we get the job done. Our use of our job tested “standard operating Procedures” tracks the flow of information enabling us to make quick sound decisions and take action. We believe that efficiency in cost control means maximizing all available resources and making use of today’s technology, which has been a key factor in Jones Covey’s many successful projects.